The Possibility Project

Over the past few years I have been fortunate to meet two fantastic and inspiring women, Kath and Kim (both quite different from their TV namesakes).  Kath and Kim are the founders of The Possibility Project - a collaborative enterprise dedicated to greater social justice in all communities.  Grosgrain is proud to stock their stunning silk covered beads and now we are welcoming them to our store to hear them share insights into how they have built their brand slumwear108 with artisan communities in Jaipur, India.  Their talk, The Art of Possibility captures the essence of what it means to be creative, particularly under adversity.  The girls will take you on a special journey on how their innovative programs have got off the ground and you will leave feeling empowered that anything is truly possible!

We hope you can join us on Thursday 3rd September at 7pm instore for a massive dose of inspiration from these gorgeous women.                   RSVP


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